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City Council, city still debating how to pay for potholes

City Council, city still debating how to pay for potholes

Colorado Springs Transportation manager and city council debated Monday about how to pay for the city's pothole problem.

The price tag for the repairs is estimated to be $2 million. Mayor Steve Bach had asked for $2 million in emergency funds to repair potholes. City Council President Keith King said Monday it was not an emergency, but agreed the problem needs to be taken care of promptly.

The debate centers on the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority's fund. Transportation Manager Kathleen Krager said all the money in the fund has already been allocated to other projects.

King said Monday the money needs to come from the PPRTA fund. He said the projects should be re-prioritized. He would like to see pothole made a top priority, and then bump other projects down and re-allocate money accordingly.

King said he is worried about dipping into the city's fund balance to get the money.  The city's fund balance is where unspent money from previous years is kept.

"We are getting down to a fairly tight amount of money that we have above the Tabor reserve. And so, it's going to be an issue of how much we have an opportunity to use that fund balance because they told us we won't have a fund balance in five years," said King.

City Council will vote on funding at Tuesday's meeting.

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