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City Council Wants a Greener Colorado Springs

City Council wants to keep Colorado Springs green

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A greener Colorado Springs may be in the future if city council has their way.

City council voted in favor of the proposed budget plan for next year, and one of their top priorities is parks watering since it is more than a million dollars under budget, but it may come at the cost of public safety.

"How does it make sense to see a beautiful Pikes Peak and then stand on a dry dead park," Kathleen Koehl said.

She moved from Canada with her family and one of the reasons is the parks.

"So many people come to this town and they hear that Colorado Springs is one of the most beautiful cities in the country," Koehl said.

With parks watering more than a million dollars under budget, council started to shift money around because they feel the parks are a good investment.

"It's what brings tourism, businesses and keeps kids here," Colorado Springs Councilman Don Knight said.

Next year, more than $400,000 will be taken from the police budget, which was meant for new vehicles, but not all councilors agree with that plan.

"These are guys out there everyday defending us for public safety, and I want them to drive vehicles that are well functioning," Councilwoman Jill Gaebel said.

Koehl supports police, but she said if council doesn't maintain the parks, families will not come.

Council will vote on the budget again on Dec. 10.

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