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City For Champions debate continues

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - There's more heated debate over the City For Champions project. Another public input meeting was held Tuesday night.

City For Champions includes four projects: a sports and events center, an Air Force Academy visitor center, a UCCS sports medicine and performance center and an Olympic museum.

The big concern is money. Right now, only the events center would require local tax dollars, but leaders behind the project say the new venues will bring in *new* revenue.

"Initially I did not support the concept, but what I've heard the last meeting and this meeting, I'm coming on board," said Colorado Springs Resident Paul Klahn.

"My concerns are making sure we do it the right way. Let's take the time to look at all the options in terms of financing. I would hate to rush to conclusions and make a decision before we need to make them. Let's do this right," said resident David Siegel.

A third party will review the proposed project to do an independent analysis of city for champions. We should see those results in May.

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