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City has no plans to make changes on Murray Blvd where boy was hit and killed

No plans to make changes on Murray Blvd.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The city of Colorado Springs has no plans to make changes on Murray Boulevard near Platte Avenue, where a 5-year-old was killed Tuesday.

The boy, Ishaq Hameed was walking on the sidewalk with his dad, Raphael Hameed, when a driver hit them. Police said the driver, Xyrjah Goldston, was speeding.

Raphael Hameed is in the hospital in critical condition.

People in the area said cars regularly speed in the area where the crash happened. They want the city to step in.

"People are driving like it's I-25 and going as fast as they can," Patrick O'brien said.

Residents said they'd like to see something like a stop sign, stop light, speed bump or signs. The city doesn't plan on making changes.

"It's not the type of street where we would do traffic calming on," city transportation manager Kathleen Krager said. "Instead, we try to post the speed at an appropriate speed limit, and then we need to ask citizens to pay attention to that speed limit."

Krager said the city looks at data to see if there is a trend of a specific type of accident taking place in an area. And in this area, there is no trend. Police said there have been 14 accidents there in the last two years.

"Those are well within the acceptable for the amount of traffic that's on that street for the amount of miles that are driven through that area," Colorado Springs Police Department Lt. Catherine Buckley said.

Buckley said this accident was caused by one individual's actions. Residents ask all drivers to slow down and drive the posted speed limit.

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