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City receiving new shipments of de-icer

City receiving new shipments of de-icer

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs Street Division said it received new shipments of de-icer Wednesday and expects additional shipments in the coming day.

There is a shortage of de-icer across Colorado. The company that supplies de-icer for municipalities across the state is based out of Utah. Colorado Springs City Streets Manager Corey Farkas said the company is having difficulty transporting the material by railcar out of Utah.

Colorado Springs is now utilizing de-icer from two new vendors to make up for dwindling de-icer from its original vendor.

It costs more money to get this de-icer from the two other vendors. However, Farkas said the streets division has room in its budget to accommodate for extra costs.

"If we didn't have that, the snow pack would stay around for a long time," said Farkas.

Farkas said due to recent storms, his workers are laying down de-icer and a sand/salt mix about every two days.

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