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City responds to flood complaints

City Responds to Flood Complaints

The City of Colorado Springs said other than education, there isn't much they can do for private property owners that suffer flood damage.

Manish Kochher, a Peregrine homeowner said Wednesday that he had flood damage in his yard. He said he was frustrated because he wasn't getting much help.

Representatives from the city said they've done what they can – providing information and directing him to contractors. But there is little else they can do.

"The city doesn't have responsibility on private property because we don't have any jurisdiction on private property," said Todd Sturtevant, Stormwater Drainage Engineering Inspector with the City of Colorado Springs.

He added that Kochher's case isn't closed. They're looking at things they can do in the open space upstream of Kochher's property like erosion control and revegetation.

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