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City reveals final redistricting plan

Big questions about new proposed voting districts

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Colorado Springs City Clerk Sarah Johnson unveiled the 2013 final redistricting plan on Tuesday. This plan will change the formula for city council representation.  Currently, we have five At Large representatives and four council members who each represent a district. 

This new proposed plan changes that landscape to three At Large representatives and six council members who represent a district.  The new and old plan share something in common which is the same number of 9 people who are on council.

Changes from the preliminary plan included:

Precinct 170 - From District 1 to District 5

Precinct 127 - From District 5 to District 1

Precinct 420 - From District 4 to District 6

Communities of interest/neighborhoods

153 known neighborhoods and communities of interest

57 cross precinct boundaries and can be potentially split

12 neighborhoods and communities split by current districts

There were some heated questions during the preliminary presentation by City Clerk Sarah Johnson. 

Publisher James Tucker asked about how Johnson arrived at the boundaries of the districts. 

He wanted to know, "What African American, Latino and Asian experts did you use to make sure we have representation.  I'm not trying to be disrespectful, but please answer my question."

City Clerk Sarah Johnson would only say she complied with city charter and federal law to determine the representation. 

Tucker went to ask, "In order to make that map fair it must be inclusive of those experts."

A city representative responded, "She complied with the law."

Tucker, "I'm asking what experts did she use.  Answer my questions."

A Colorado Springs police officer intervened, "Come on, come on, outside with me."

James Tucker stayed in the meeting. 

Every four years, the city clerk puts together a redistricting plan based on the Colorado Springs population numbers and under the auspices of city charter and federal law.  The goal of the new plan is to keep each district as equal as possible.  

We've put a link on links we mentioned so you can see how the official 2013 City Council district plan.  Go to the front page of KRDO.com and look under links we mentioned.

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