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Civil unions expected to become law

Civil unions expected to become law

Pueblo, COLO. - A bill that grants civil unions for gay couples is expected to pass the Colorado House. Another vote this week will send the bill to Gov. John Hickenlooper. He says he'll sign it.

Daneya Esgar of Pueblo will be in the State Capitol to hear the vote. She says legalizing civil unions means that gay couples will be looked at more equally than ever before in Colorado.

"It means that my state values who I am and my state sees me as an equal. But on a more personal level, it lays out a future that I never thought I'd be able to have," Esgar said.

Republicans have tried to amend the bill to include religious exemptions for those against civil unions. Democrats say that would open the door to discrimination.

If the bill passes, the law would take effect May 1.

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