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Cleaning Up Downtown

What Has Been Done?

Cleaning up the Colorado Springs downtown area is a hot topic for Mayor Steve Bach, but what's been done so far?

People walking around downtown Colorado Springs on Tuesday afternoon had positive comments to make, especially those who remember what downtown was like over a decade ago.

"It really has been beautified, I feel like, and it is more usable as a pedestrian area and the shops are much more inviting," said Josh Ryan who lived in Colorado Springs some 15 years ago.

Leaders with the Downtown Partnership said it takes many moves to have a successful downtown, with no one single answer. A feeling of safety, thriving business, and beauty can all help.

"I think it is nice to see artwork in public spaces that people can enjoy for free just when they are walking and enjoying downtown," said Elena Malone.

"I lived here and l like walking and it is very pretty, I just love it here," said a young Kaly Ryan.

The Downtown Partnership said there has been work on downtown revitalization for decade, and that people are just paying more attention because there is political support.

There are still problems, like the economy sending some shops out of business, and some complain about aggressive panhandling, but there is something people can do.

"Aggressive panhandling, we already have an ordinance that doesn't allow aggressive panhandling. The difficulty is that the only real way to enforce it is for an individual to file a complaint, and that doesn't happen very often," said Ron Butlin, the Executive Director of the Downtown Partnership.

If you are the victim of an aggressive panhandler, and felt threatened, you cab report it to police, otherwise no one will know that it happened at all.

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