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Cleanup continues along Cheyenne Creek

Neighbors happy with progress

Cleanup continues along Cheyenne Creek

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - One week later, residents along Cheyenne Creek are still cleaning up after the flood, but the good news is they're feeling positive about getting back to normal.

People there have had their hands full all week and will continue through the weekend. (9/20/13)

"There's not much water in that creek. We complain that there's not any sometimes," said Scott Street resident Janet Jackson.

There's certainly water there now. The water reached her back glass door and seeped through the walls.

A week after a horrible storm, that Jackson said was pretty scary, the creek is back in its banks and away from the homes.

"It was right against the house. It was a raging river. It wasn't just standing still," said Jackson.

Jackson has lived in her home for almost 48 years.

"These aren't my rocks. They came from God in the river," she said with a laugh pointing to her backyard.

Inside, her National Geographic books are pretty much history.

"They used to sit back there where nobody would see them, couldn't even get to them," she said.

Now that she's gotten to them. And her prized Nancy Drew books, it's no mystery where they'll go.

"I have no doubt they'll be thrown away," said Jackson.

Like most of her neighbors, Jackson has mitigation being done and has fans on full speed to dry up the mess.

She put holes in the walls to let air flow through the house avoiding mold. Downstairs, the water filled her crawl space. Jackson said you could hear it hitting the flood boards. The boards are now curled. So she'll have to replace them.

Jackson has flood insurance, but it's a $10,000 deductible. Either way, she'll have to pay that much money.

FEMA has been through the neighborhood, talking to folks making people like Janet hopeful.

"A big relief," she said.

It'll be a while until janet hears if she'll get any help from FEMA. Newschannel 13 will be checking with the neighborhood to find out if anyone gets assistance.

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