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Cleanup day for CDOT workers on Highway 24

Mother Nature left Colorado Department of Transportation workers with plenty of work to do today after a mudslide hit Highway 24 yesterday.

The aftermath of the storm left piles of dirt, ponds full of debris and slow traffic.

As for the flood projects CDOT worked on, Lynn Zavodny said it made her feel safer inside her business. She said she was so protected, she went to help guide drivers to her business for safety.

"I could not believe the amount of people who were driving through the water, instead of pulling into our parking lot, since I was waving them in, they kept driving into the water," Zavodny said.

Lone Duck Campground owner Steve Mack said he is thankful for the flood project next to his business, since the water stayed in the channel.

But he said the debris in the pond that feeds into his flood project should have been cleaned out earlier in the week when the other storms hit.

"They have to address that right away, if the debris would have caved in, I think there would have been problems, or even fatalities," Mack said.

CDOT said between the lack of workers and no break between storms led to the debris ponds not being completely cleaned out on Highway 24.

CDOT said even though there was a mudslide, none of the flood projects they worked on were damaged.

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