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Cleanup work continues in Rye nearly one week after flood

Cleanup work continues in Rye nearly one week after flood

RYE, Colo. - Terry Smith is still removing all of the debris that piled up in his yard, nearly a week after flood waters washed away his patio.

Last week, Rye was hit was 6 inches of rain in 19 hours.

Almost a week later the water has dropped considerably on Greenhorn Creek, but it still hasn't retreated back to its normal level.

"We've definitely got a narrower creek now, but we have a lot more land and if it rains heavy again, it'll probably start taking this stuff and washing it further down," said Smith, who lives beside the creek.

Hill said he's not planning on rebuilding his patio where it once was. "We're not gonna put our patio back in here anymore because of the flood, because we know it can do it now so we're just gonna level it out," he said.

Hill knows he lives in a flood zone but says he's not moving. Neither is Connie Greenhood, who lives farther down the creek.

"I love my little spot. I think if we just build it up, I think we'll be OK," Greenhood said.

Last week, a contractor set up a wall of rocks near the creek to protect Greenhood's trailer, for fear of flood waters washing it away. Fortunately, it was left untouched.

The city's treatment plant was forced to close last week for two days after mud clogged up one of the pipes. It was back up again last Wednesday.

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