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Closing Drake Power Plant finds support

Closing Drake Power Plant finds support

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. - Nearly 90 years of keeping the lights on in Colorado Springs, isn't keeping people loyal to the drake power plant.

 Overwhelmingly at a final town hall before the utilities board is set to vote next month on the plant's future, residents spoke out against the plant. 

 "I want the plant closed as soon as possible," one resident said.

 Most wanted it shut down because of health concerns. 

 "I think we should be considering the future generations and the health of future generations," another resident said.

 Also there was a push to get the Colorado Springs city council to pursue more renewable energy sources to power the city's future.

 "That was the input we got tonight was that the folks want to find another way to get power and they made that really clear tonight," said City Councilman Val Snider.

 Snider believes that by this time next month there will be a range in time decided to close the Drake Power Plant.

 "I would think the board is going to pick a date to close it," Snider said.

 The CSU Board, comprised of the City Council, will meet on July 16th to decide on the plants future.

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