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CO House passes ammo limits amid GOP opposition

DENVER, Colo. -  Colorado House Democrats approved new ammunition limits and expanded background checks in a debate that has drawn attention from the White House.
The Democratic-led House voted Monday to ban large-capacity magazines, placing a limit of 15 rounds for firearms, and eight for shotguns. Lawmakers also passed a requirement for background checks on firearm sales between private parties.
The proposals are responses to recent mass shootings.
Republicans oppose the measures, saying they restrict Second Amendment rights and won't prevent mass shootings.

Paul Paradis with Paradise Firearm Sales said this is not the way to end mass shootings.

"It is not going to stop one bad guy from getting them but it is going to make it harder on the honest citizen," said the Colorado Springs business owner.

Vice President Joe Biden called four Democrats Friday during a daylong debate on the measures, including two in moderate districts.
Votes on banning concealed firearms on colleges and requiring that gun purchasers pay for their own background checks also passed.
The Senate still needs to consider the proposals.

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