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Co. Springs City Council Talks Pay Raise, Other Proposals

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The Colorado Springs City Council considered multiple proposals for the next municipal election during Monday's informal council meeting.

Two of the most heated topics included a proposed pay increase for council members and changing the city attorney position from appointed to elected.

A group called the Citizens for a Fair and More Representative Council brought the pay increase proposal forward. Council currently gets paid $6,250 a year, and the group said paying council members a more liveable wage would increase diversity and allow young professionals to become part of the candidate pool. The group proposed a $38,400 yearly wage. The cost would be split between the city and the Colorado Springs Utility.

Council members said they some concerns about how the timing of the proposed measure would work out should voters pass it, but decided to bring the issue back up for discussion in two weeks along with citizen comment. After this, council will decide if the pay raise measure will make it onto the next municipal ballot so voters can decide.

A different citizen group called the Citizens for Affordable Energy wants council to let voters decide if the city attorney should continue to be appointed by the mayor or if voters should elect a person into the position.

Kanda Calef heads the group and said electing a city attorney would allow for more transparency, but some Councillors, like Scott Hente, said they are concerned that will politicize the office.

There will be further discussion and public comment on this proposed measure in two weeks as well.

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