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Co. Springs Tactical Medical Support Team Ready For Emergencies

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - First responders and tactical units place themselves in harm's way during emergencies like the bombings at the Boston Marathon.

In Colorado Springs there is a team that wears the same protective gear as SWAT, but has no weapons.

It's the tactical emergency medical support team. It's composed of firefighters pulling double duty. They fight fires and go on SWAT missions for a specific purpose.

 "If someone gets shot or injured because of explosive devices around, we will be there to care for that," said Captain David Broch, with the Colorado Springs Fire Department.

The team has been around for 20 years, but likes to lay low. Many times they stay in the armored swat cars, waiting and ready if they are needed in cases of bomb threats, hostage situations, or high risk warrants. The Colorado Springs Police Department said the firefighter's support does give them peace of mind when every second counts.

 "If somebody gets hurt, whether that is an officer, whether that is an innocent civilian, we have medical personal trained and ready to go right there on the spot. We don't have to wait for three minutes, five minutes, ten minutes," said Lt. Sal Fiorillo with CSPD.

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