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Coin toss decides Idaho mayoral race

State law dictates ties be decided with a coin flip

CNN - Who knew politics could be so simple? A mayoral race decided with the flip of a coin.

In Albion, ID, a mayoral race was decided with a coin toss after an unlikely election day tie.

Sixty votes went to the incumbent Don Bowden and 60 for the challenger John Davis.

Thursday night, the tie was settled with a flip of the coin and Mayor Don Bowden ended up winning another term.

"I'm relieved that we've finally done it. I would have been good with it either way...so yeah, it's historic. I don't know how many times in the past that it's happened, but it's an interesting happening," Bowden said.

The city didn't just create a way to settle the score, the coin flip is actually a state law.

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