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Colo. prisons official resigns

DENVER - The official who oversees prisons in Colorado has resigned, but it's unknown why he is leaving his job four months after he started.

Director of Prisons Mark Flowers told employees in an email Thursday that he was leaving, but there was no explanation as to why. Department of Corrections spokesman Roger Hudson confirmed Flowers' resignation.

Fremont Correctional Facility Warden Lou Archuleta has been named Interim director of Prisons.

DOC's Executive Director Rick Raemisch recently took over the department. He replaced Tom Clements, who was fatally shot at his home in March.

Kellie Wasko will be Interim Deputy Executive Director and Renae Jordan has been named Interim Director of Clinical and Correctional Services.
Flowers was in charge of the wardens of the state's prisons. According to the officials, Flowers is walking away from a position that paid $11,390 gross salary monthly.  He began his job in Colorado on May 6 and formerly worked for the Virginia Department of Corrections.

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