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Coloradans believe pot law hurts state's image

Coloradans believe pot law hurts state's image

DENVER - A new poll suggests Colorado voters believe the law they passed legalizing recreational marijuana is hurting the state's image.

Fifty-one percent of the state's voters in a new Quinnipiac University Poll say legal pot is bad for the state's reputation. Only 38 percent said it is helping. Young voters see the measure as a net positive while older voters view it negatively. A majority of voters still support the measure and how Gov. John Hickenlooper is implementing it.
Only 10 percent of voters say they've gotten high since the law went into effect Jan. 1. But 51 percent say they've tried marijuana previously.
Most Coloradans don't mind a neighbor growing some marijuana. But they strongly oppose changing the law to let individuals grow more than 12 plants at home.

The Colorado Springs Convention and Visitor's Bureau told KRDO NewsChannel 13 that it's not concerned about this poll or its affect on events being brought to the region.

"It's extremely difficult to speculate on our image," said Chelsy Murphy, director of communications for the CVB.  "It's so early. It's a fluid process. We're just trying to understand it all."

Murphy said the visitor's bureau would point tourists in the right direction if they asked about retail marijuana, but they don't plan to advertise legalized marijuana.  

Michael Stetler, the owner of Marisol Therapeutics in Pueblo County, said he believes the poll is propaganda.  

"It's up to the people of Colorado and the people voted for it," Stetler said.

Stetler said the feedback he's received for the sale of recreational marijuana has been largely positive.

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