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Coloradans seek ways to help Liberia during Ebola outbreak

Coloradans seek ways to help Liberia during Ebola outbreak

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Two organizations in Colorado said Sunday they want to do what they can to help Liberia stop the deadly Ebola outbreak.

The current outbreak of this virus has killed 700 people so far in western Africa.  The virus has been spotted in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

On Sunday, a Liberian Community Church in Aurora collected supplies it plans to ship to Liberia. 

Elydia Gobah's husband and daughter currently live in Liberia.

"He tells me every day that, he tells me that the Ebola situation is getting really intense," said Gobah.

In Colorado Springs, Ron Fleming with Messiah Missions for Africa is trying to figure out what the nonprofit can do to help.

"I have concern immediately about people that I know there because of their welfare, this thing can spread so quickly and it's so destructive ," said Fleming.

Messiah Missions for Africa helps provide Liberian children with food, schooling and faith. Fleming visited the country two years ago.

"It's really a difficult environment for people to live. The infrastructure is terrible, the food, the water, it's just a very broken country," said Fleming.

He is waiting to hear from his contacts in the country in order to formulate a plan to help. 

"It's just something that really burns in my heart because I just think that ultimately the people there are in poor and difficult situations and to see this tragedy hit this country as much as they have already been through, it is tragic," said Fleming.

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