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Coloradans split on amendment 66

PUEBLO, Colo. - Coloradans are at odds when it comes to Amendment 66.

The proposal would give education a boost in funding from income tax.

Lieutenant Governor Joe Garcia says Amendment 66 would deliver smaller classes, which would give teachers more one-on-one time with students.

This is good news for Tammy Torres.

She sees the proposal helping her son keep his good grades.

"It's going to help him get him the attention he needs when he needs it," Torres said.

Even though it will be an increase in income tax, Torres doesn't mind it because it will benefit her son's future.

"It's important to invest in our children they are the next generation," Torres said.

But other people feel the provision may be more than it seems.

"It's basically a front to get more money wherever (the government) can use it," Pueblo Resident Paul Kotnar said.

Kotnar wants better education for students only if it doesn't come out of his wallet.

"We're overtaxed as it is. The way it looks, we're going to be taxed," he said.

Teacher Kendra Zerfas said the amendment will give her a chance to spend more time with her students.

"Giving that little extra time to kids, it can fix their problem and affect their learning forever," Zerfas said.

If Amendment 66 is approved it will bring in more than $900 million dollars a year to fund public schools in Colorado.

Voting on the proposal starts Oct. 15 and we will find out if it's approved on Nov. 5.

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