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Colorado lawmakers discuss state fruit

Lawmakers discuss state fruit

DENVER, Colo. - Colorado lawmakers are discussing whether the Palisade Peach should become the state's fruit.

Representative Angela Williams introduced a bill making the Palisade Peach the state's fruit, last month. The bill states that Colorado ranks 6th in the nation in peach production and that peach growth accounts for 75 percent of all fruit production in Colorado. But Senator Larry Crowder wants the Rocky Ford Cantaloupe to be the state fruit too.

One grower said having a state fruit gives it a marketing advantage. And that if one fruit is known as the state fruit, people may overlook others.

"I couldn't put one above the other," said Michael Hirakata, president of the Rocky Ford Growers Association. "I think we should all stand together and be colorado proud and not pit east against west or north against south."

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