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Colorado Sheriffs issue statement on gun control

PUEBLO, CO - Gun control is a hot topic and it is taking center state in Washington.

In Colorado, sheriffs all over the state came together to talk about gun control and to draft a statement outlining their position. Sheriffs believe gun legislation should be put on hold, because if the decision is made now it will be made on emotion rather than reason.

2012 was a tragic year, several shootings shook the country; the shooting at a Aurora movie theater and at Sandy Hook Elementary. Suddenly, gun control became dinner talk.

"We felt our constituents needed to know were we all stood," said Pueblo County Kirk Taylor.

Taylor posted the letter on the Pueblo County Sheriffs' Facebook page.

"I think the perimeters we can all agree on as a whole are the mental health issues, safety in the schools, not necessarily banning assault that we can't define," said Taylor.

Banning weapons is a majority of the letter. It states they oppose a ban on assault weapons, because it's a vague definition. Gun control is a very black and white issue for many.

"I think this paper here kind of give you the gray," said Taylor.

One thing that is clear, Colorado Sheriffs support the second amendment.

Taylor admits, writing the letter didn't come easy to write for them.

"This isn't the silver bullet, not everyone believes everything that's in this document, but we all can come together to support this," said Taylor.

There are 62 sheriff's in Colorado, all were asked for their input in writing the letter.

Gun control is a hot topic right now and is taking center state in Washington.



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