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Colorado Springs Airport turns to customers for help

Colorado Springs Airport turning to customers for help

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Southern Coloradans want to fly out of Colorado Springs Airport in their future, and the airport is turning to them to hear any and all suggestions.

According to a survey by the airport and Seabury APG, Colorado Springs lost more than 1 million potential customers in the last five months.

The airport had an open forum tonight where they listen to their customers about how to make the airport better and workers shared their ideas also.

"(I want to) have more non-stop flights," Colorado Springs Residents Robert Bryant said.

Mary Sauvain feels the airport should bring in new planes.

"One of the things that needs to go is the regional jets, they are unreliable," she said.

Colorado Springs Airport Worker Dan Gallagher feels the airport is taking baby steps to be a major airport like Denver International Airport.

"We need to make sure airlines are profitable and that's going to make small upgrades in flights, single flights, there's not going to be a brand new airline with 10 non-stops a day," he said.

Colorado Springs Airport does have an advantage over DIA when it comes to landing rates. Colorado Springs charges $3 a passenger and Denver charges $18

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