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Colorado Springs businesses react differently to lack of major bike race

Lack of a major bike race brings mixed emotions

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - More than 80 million dollars to Colorado.

That's how much the USA Pro Bike Challenge generates for the state, and the Pikes Peak region will be missing out on it.

Janice Calhoun owns Pop It Up in Old Colorado City.

She feels she's  losing money because the race decided not to pass through.

"We could have had all kinds of people out walking around and business could have been great."

The pro bike challenge attracts more than one million people to the state.

Colorado Springs has been on the race route since 2011.

But since the course changes every year, the Springs was bypassed.

Colorado Visitor's Bureau Director Chelsy Murphy says even though the city wasn't picked, the city will do fine without it.

"Thankfully, we are such a large destination, we have so many things going throughout the year."

A lot of businesses are excited when the bike race comes to town, but for Jack Roth it brings headaches.

"It's hurting our business, everything stops, no parking, the streets are closed."

Roth may be facing more of this, since the Springs put a bid for next year's race.






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