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Colorado Springs couple receives the city's help for their sinking house

A storm drain is being repaired after it ruins a home

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A couple in Colorado Springs, with a sinking house,  is receiving good news to start the new year.

Dave and Becky Ahls' home was damaged because of a storm water drain overflowing in September, now their home's foundation is damaged.

They don't have flood insurance.

The Ahls' home is still being held up by jacks, and they feel that a sinking house is a rough way to end 2013.

"(It was) tense with the family and stuff because we didn't know if we were (going to have) a house," Dave Ahl said.

The Ahls feel if the storm drain next to their house isn't repaired, it doesn't make sense to fix their home. 

The City of Colorado Springs denied the Ahls' claim to repair their home, but it would fix the storm drain.

Colorado Springs Storm Water Engineer Tim Mitros said the drain needs to be replaced.

It would cost almost $500,000 to fix the storm drain, and the project would be finished between February and April.

Mitros said Shooks Run is going to be a high priority project in 2014. The project is estimated to cost about $40 million.

The city is also funding studies for storm water projects at Cheyenne and Camp Creek.

The Ahls' New Year's resolution is to save their house.

"Our goal will be to pursue our claim with the city and make a decision whether we're going to repair the home or live in it the way it is," Becky Ahl said.

The Ahls said when the storm drain is fixed, they will ask the City of Colorado Springs for help again to repair their home.

If it's denied, the Ahls will pay to repair their house, which they said will cost about $20,000.

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