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Colorado Springs hopes to open two popular trails next year

Colorado Springs hopes to open two popular trails next year

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Two popular trails are closed and the city of Colorado Springs says they won't reopen until next March

Floods last September shut down Captain Jack's and Palmer Trail.

City Parks Supervisor Scott Abbott said he understands the weather is perfect and people want to be outdoors, but it's also important that both trails are properly repaired before they can open again.

He said work couldn't be done on the trails over the winter because snow and ice made them unsafe.

Abbott said last September's floods caused major damage.

"We've got severe rutting and wash outs along High Drive and enormous amounts of materials piled up," he said.

The city also wants help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It asked for $250,000 to fix the damaged trails.

Abbott said, even though these two trails are closed, Colorado Springs has other outdoor spots.

The city says it can't force people off Captain Jack's and Palmer Trails, but there are signs warning people to stay off the trails.

If you want a list of all Colorado Springs trails, click here.

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