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Amy Perez's story

Amy Perez, A Survivor's Story

Colorado Springs, CO - Amy Perez is heartbroken after the Boston Marathon.   I caught up with her on the phone in between flights as she was returning to Colorado Springs.  She finished the race and was about four blocks away when the blasts happened.  Amy told me that at first she thought it was thunder and then later learned the horror of what had happened, "It's senseless, unthinkable and we are all sick to our stomachs."

The realization of the search for clues into who did this unthinkable act on Monday full set in as she and others were sitting on a plane on the tarmac at Logan International Airport.  She told me that the plane returned to the gate and then, "Police,  FBI and TSA boarded the plane, approached two male passengers and asked them to leave the plane and bring all their stuff with them."  Before that happened Amy said the buzz on the plane was that one of the passengers witnessed a strange interaction between the two men and caused him concern.  Amy and others then watched as this happened, "On the plane they were yelling at each other quite loudly in Arabic and acting very strange."

Amy says that a bomb sweep of the plane was done and the flight eventually took off. 

There was another incident that Amy will always remember as she was traveling home.  She sat next to a woman who had an eyebrow raising story to tell her.  This woman was next to the finish line minutes before the blast.  She told Amy, "There was a gentleman standing there, ranting and raving at the top of his lungs about how God would not be happy with us running and this is now what he would want us to do with our time.  We're not making him happy."   Amy says the woman told her she took pictures and then didn't think anything about it, until now.  Law Enforcement now has those pictures from her cell phone and a more in depth description of the man who was saying these things at the race in Boston.

Amy Perez says the city of Boston was so welcoming to everyone before and during race day and to have something like this happen to mar this amazing event, "It's heartbreaking that this had to happen."  Amy says despite the mixed emotions about this race day, she will be back to Boston to race again.


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