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Colorado Springs mayor gives positive review to city street crews

Steve Bach defends crews from criticism after Feb. 20 snowstorm

Mayor Praises Snow Removal Work in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach took time on Tuesday to discuss street conditions and snow removal in the city.

A storm two weeks ago closed both ends of Austin Bluffs Parkway and caused numerous crashes and traffic problems around town.  There were many complaints that the city didn't do as well as it could have to clear streets.

However, Bach said there have been fewer public complaints since he became mayor in 2010, even though the city has limited resources and deals with storms that are unpredictable.  He mentioned two factors behind the decrease in complaints.

"We are testing out-sourcing of snow plowing to private contractors," Bach said.  "I think that's going pretty well, and that expands our capability beyond the vehicles that we have ourselves.  And we're getting better forecasting, I believe, from the Weather Service.  That always helps."

The mayor said he saw no reason to make any changes in city snow removal.
Bach asked that residents who see areas that haven't been plowed and need it, to contact him on his website -- Bachsoffice.com.

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