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Colorado Springs Municipal Election Results

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Up to date as of 10:00 a.m. 4/3. Click here to check for further updates. 

Council District 1: Don Knight

Julie Naye: 1,021

Tim Leigh: 3,234

Linda Mojer: 951

Don Knight: 9,072

Joe Barrera: 1,988

Council District 2: Joel Miller 

Angela Dougan: 5,028

Joel Miller: 6,650

Bill Murray: 1,062

Council District 3: Keith King 

Tom Gallagher: 1,080

Jim Bensberg: 2,391

Bob Kinsey: 520

Brandy Williams: 4,872

Keith King: 5,683

Council District 4: Helen Collins 

Gary Flakes: 236

Deborah Hendrix: 2,060

Dennis R. Moore: 1,274

Helen Collins: 2,327

Council District 5: Jill Gaebler 

Bernie Herpin: 4,852

Roger McCarville: 3,682

Jill Gaebler: 5,555

Al Loma: 1,299

Council District 6: Andres G. Pico 

Andres G. Pico: 4,067

David H. Moore: 3,908

Ed Bircham: 3,837

Ballot Issue 1:  PASSES 

57,893 Yes
22,967 No

Allow more money from the existing Trails Open space and Parks (TOPS) city sales tax to be used for parks and open space maintenance.

Ballot Issue 2: FAILS

16,238 Yes
64,357 No 

Amend city charter to allow council members to earn an annual salary of 50% of the salary of the mayor ($48,000 as it stands now) instead of the current $6,250 stipend.


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