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Colorado Springs taking steps to annex 'No Man's Land'

Stretch of land on Colorado Avenue from West 31st Street to Manitou Springs city limits.

'No Man's Land' Annexation

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Many refer to it as ‘No Man's Land'. Others call it 'The Avenue. The City of Colorado Springs is taking steps to annex the land.

It's the section of land between West 31st Street and Manitou Springs city limits. Part of it's in El Paso County and part of it's in the city. Both the city and people living there say it's a pain. City council members and residents say they've been talking about annexation for about 30 years.

West Colorado Avenue sees plenty of traffic. Locals and visitors usually take 'The Avenue' directly to Manitou Springs and Pikes Peak.

"This is the area that we're referring to as 'No Man's Land'," said City Councilman Merv Bennett.

However, the land includes both county and city limits.

Here's what gives 'No Man's Land' its name: Sonic is in the city limits, but next door you‘re in the county. Then, across the street, you're back in the city.

That's why the city is seriously considering annexing the area.

 "It causes significant issues as it relates to police and fire protection as to who's authority is it?" said councilman Bennett.

But Colorado Springs needs to figure out what it will take and how much it'll cost.

"We've got so many issues with roads, bridges, infrastructure that have to be addressed," said Bennett.

Welling Clark with The Avenue Task Force is behind the possible project. He says having one jurisdiction will help solve those issues.

"It's not necessarily a healthy situation for everybody involved, but it's also not an easy fix," said Bennett.

Councilman Bennett and Councilman Keith King are hosting a community meeting on February 20 at 3 p.m. to talk about the annexation, hoping that anyone involved will give their two-cents.

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