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Colorado Springs Utilities bills could go up

Natural gas prices are higher this winter.

Colorado Springs gas rates could go up

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Point a finger at the cold. Colorado Springs Utilities customers are not thrilled about possibly paying higher bills. Springs Utilities says the price of natural is up this winter.

So it's asking city council to approve a three percent hike for gas customers.

"I don't think it's right," said customer Linda Adams.

Adams has been living in an Old Colorado City home for three years.

Even with a wood burning stove to heat her home most of the day, she said her bill is $360 every month.

"We weren't anticipating this," said City Councilman Merv Bennett.

Bennett and Colorado Springs Utilities spokesperson Dave Grossman say the frigid winter weather in the northeast drove up natural gas prices.

"If you're going to pass on the savings and the cost comes in higher, than you have to pass on the extra cost," said Bennett.

"I'm okay if our utilities go up just a little bit," said customer Chris Schofield.

Councilman Bennett says the city hasn't raised the natural gas price since February 2012. Still, utility customers say that three percent increase makes a difference.

"Then, that will bring me up to $375, almost $400, and that means I'll have to put away a lot more than what I make," said Adams.

But gas rates in Colorado Springs are 18.5 percent lower now than they were two years ago. For now, Councilman Bennett supports the increase.

"It's the responsible thing to do," he said.

"I hope the gas rate goes down by the summertime," said Adams.

Both council and Springs Utilities hope for the same. City council will consider raising the gas rate at Tuesday's (2/25/14) council meeting.

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