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Colorado Springs Utilities blames weather for power outages

The weather is keeping Springs Utilities busy

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Cold weather caused power outages for more than 3,000 Colorado Springs Utilities customers Wednesday night (2/19/14). Springs Utilities is using different techniques to prevent future outages.

George England couldn't use his phone or computer to run his business because of an outage in his area.

He ended up using hand written tickets and cell phones to continue working.

Colorado Springs Utilities Spokesman Steve Berry said the wind and snow created havoc for his workers.

Springs Utilities is taking action to make sure this doesn't happen again. 

"We are doing some things with our cross bars and using new equipment and special materials to insulate the devices more," Berry said.

But improvements cost money.

"It can add up into the millions of dollars," Berry said.

The trees also caused problems for Colorado Springs Utility customers over the weekend.

"No matter the amount of tree trimming that we may do, it is situations where those trees are  near a power line. The wind is so hard (the trees) blew on to (the power lines)," Berry said.

The spokesman feels no matter how many repairs are made, you can't fight Mother Nature.

"You're going to have some cases where no matter what (you do) you're going to have an outage due to the weather," Berry said.

Colorado Springs Utilities said the power is now on for all customers.



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