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Colorado wants archery in school

Colorado Park and Wildlife wants archery at school

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - "Hunger Games", "The Avengers" and "Lord of the Rings", all of these movies have archery in them, and the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife wants to have it in schools.

Parks and Wildlife said archery has become popular with Colorado students because of these movies.

The Colorado Archery in the Schools program started in 2005, and now more than 40 Colorado Springs schools have archery as part of their physical education programs.

Now, Parks and Wildlife is offering a grant to PE teachers to have archery in their schools around Colorado.

This would be useful for Sarah Boyd who is a student at a charter school.

She has been an archer for more than a year and she wishes her school would have an archery program.

"I would support it and it would be awesome because archery is an awesome sport," Boyd said.

That wish would be an expensive one to grant. Equipment for a class cost more than $3,000. Parks and Wildlife says the grant it's offering would cover those costs, and provide training for the teachers.

Bill Walker is a teacher at Sabin Middle School.

He teaches archery as part of his PE class.

Walker understands weapons at school is a sensitive topic, and says safety is always first.

"If I see immaturity or horsing around they're not going to participate," Walker said.

Parks and Wildlife says no incidents have been reported since it launched the program.

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