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Community saves disabled woman's house

Community Saves Disabled Woman's Home

The Colorado Springs community has pulled together to save a disabled woman's home.

Dorothea Briers owed $4,306 in back taxes on a house she has lived in since she was a little girl.

She was in a horrible accident that left her partially paralyzed and brain damaged. She is unable to work and only collects Social Security.

Three sisters, Yolanda Solorzano, Jacqueline Harris and Anginita Hilton, who have known Briers since childhood put a plan of action in place to raise enough money to save Briers home.

Their plan began with a YouTube video showing the hardships Briers faces and telling her story. Hilton's children, Darrell, Donovan and Jeanora, put the video together and grabbed the attention of so many people in the community.

The sisters began to receive multiple phone calls and emails from several businesses, organizations, churches and good samaritians who wanted to help. 

Each sister took on a different responsibility. Solorzano drafted and mailed over sixty-five letters to Colorado churches in an effort to raise the funds needed to save Briers' home. She worked directly with the El Paso County Treasurer's Office to obtain a deadline extension on paying the back taxes from Oc.t 1st to Nov. and also secured the relationship with Denny's Restaurants which resulted in collection boxes at each Denny's location.

Harris was responsible for providing responses to everyone which included information on how to donate, as well as updating them on progress made. She regularly update the YouTube video comments to include data on the amount raised, provided thank you emails to each person that donated, place phone calls to organizations in an effort to raise money, and manage the donation site.

Hilton spent numerous hours each and every day driving around Colorado Springs to meet with numerous organizations and churches in an effort to raise money.  In between spending hours each day raising money, Hilton was also responsible for taking care of Briers by driving her to and from doctor's appointments, cleaning her house, preparing meals and assisting Briers with bathing.

All that hard work paid off and Briers' was able to keep her home. But her fight is far from over.

The house is falling apart, literally. There are holes in the roof and walls and the plumbing is in poor shape, said Hilton.

Hilton describes flooding damage in the basement. "If this foundation cracks, the city will condemn this house."

Briers' also needs a wheelchair ramp going into her home and railings for the stairs.

"I just pull and pull and get up. It's hard, but I get it done," said Briers.

Hilton said she would love to tear the house down and start all over, but it's an expense neither she nor Briers can afford.

Solorzano has set up a donation fund at ENT Federal Credit Union in care of "Dorothea Briers." You can also send a check or money order payable to "Dorothea Briers" P.O. Box 38241 Colorado Springs, CO. 80937

To contact the three sisters:  Yolanda Solorzano (ysolorzano2011@gmail.com), Jacqueline Harris (jacquelineharris253@gmail.com, and Anginita Hilton (anginitahilton@gmail.com)

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