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Company stops fracking in El Paso County

Company stops fracking in El Paso County

Ultra Resources has stopped drilling exploratory wells in El Paso County.

In 2012 Ultra Resources drilled three exploratory vertical fracking wells with minimal success, something the county says was somewhat expected.

"We're not surprised that an exploratory well for Ultra has determined that its non-economic oil," said Diana Kay May designee for oil and gas in El Paso County.

Hilcorp Energy is still gathering their own data on their exploratory wells in El Paso County.  Hilcorp Energy drilled their well this year and used horizontal fracking.

"I think that there is probably several other oil companies that are interested in Hilcorp's findings," May said.

One thing is clear according to May: "It is my understanding in visiting with Ultra that at this point they do not intend on moving forward with any additional drilling in El Paso County."

Ultra Resources is obligated under contract to restore the well sites to the same condition they were prior to the exploration wells were drilled.  They are expected to begin reclaiming the well sites this spring.

Ultra Resources and Hilcorp Energy have not returned our request for comment.

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