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Contact high concerns in Pueblo

Contact High Concerns in Pueblo

PUEBLO, Colo. - Officers getting high from marijuana.

It's a big concern for the Chief of Police in Pueblo.  He's worried about officers getting a contact high.

That's why he's relieved that the city of Pueblo voted to hold off on retail marijuana sales, at least for now.

"I'd be concerned as they answer further calls for service that their decision making might be impaired in some way," said Luis Velez, Pueblo Police Chief.

It's been ingrained in our heads that being near tobacco smoke can hurt you. But when it comes to weed, the answer isn't as clear.

"They've actually done studies on people they put them in glass enclosures and left them in there for hours with so much smoke you couldn't see through it. None of those highlighted on a drug test. In other words, the levels didn't reach high enough on a drug test to hit positive, but they did have THC in their body," said Dr. John Torres.

Researchers say smoking one joint is the same as breathing in second hand smoke from 16 joints in one hour.

"You're probably not going to run into problems, you probably will not get enough in your body to effect any drug tests. Probably not enough in your body to cause any impairments," said Dr. Torres.

"I would differ with people who have that opinion. I would be concerned that the officers would come out of that club and be under the influence themselves of the marijuana smoke," said Velez.

Pueblo City Council decided to wait on its decision on selling retail marijuana or opening cannabis clubs. That's why the chief says, he's relieved. At least for now.

The decision on retail marijuana sales in Pueblo has been extended until the end of November. The vote on growing recreational marijuana has been pushed back until June 30th.

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