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Cooling temperatures mean more black widows indoors

Cooling temperatures mean more black widows indoors

This is the time of year when more black widow spiders are spotted inside homes, and it is due to the dropping temperatures.

According to James Whidden, owner of Mug-A-Bug Pest Control,  black widows are common in Colorado and can be found around the siding on homes, window wells and garages.  He said they build their nests near the ground.

To minimize the number of spiders, homeowners should walk the perimeter of the home and ensure there are no webs or cracks in weather stripping.  Whidden also suggests using an insecticide on webs to eliminate the spider.

Whidden said a black widow bite is similar to a pinprick, and most people will not have a reaction to the bite.  He also said black widows will not attack unless provoked.

"They're not an aggressive spider.  They don't normally seek out and bite a human," said Whidden.

If homeowners encounter a black widow inside the home, vacuuming the spider and disposing of the vacuum bag is one way to get rid of it.  He said one or two spiders per month is normal, but spotting spiders every two to three days would suggest a bigger problem that may require the assistance of an exterminator.


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