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Coroner reveals identities of boys killed in crash

Driver arrested, faces charges in crash on Pikes Peak Ave.

Coroner Id's Victims of Deadly Crash

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Two boys are dead after being hit by a vehicle near the intersection of Pikes Peak Avenue and Parkside Drive around 4 p.m. Monday.

The El Paso County Coroner's office said the 17 year old victim is Leondro Carabajal and the 9 year old victim is Neto White.

Colorado Springs police said the victims and a third person -- possibly a girl -- were pushing a van that had run out of gas, and were hit from behind by an SUV.

Police detained and later arrested the driver, Robert Icenogle.  He faces charges of vehicular homicide, vehicular assault and DUI.  Police said he didn't realize the van had stalled in traffic, and he failed to stop in time.

A witness, David Dew, said he had run out of gas himself when he saw the aftermath of the crash.  He called for help and tried to assist the victims.

"I saw the approximately 9-year-old child lying behind one of the vehicles," said Dew.  "He wasn't moving at all, (with) a lot of blood coming out of the nose.  I also saw the gentleman who was deceased.  He was under the vehicle -- crushed under the vehicle."

Neto White was a student in Harrison School District 2. District officials said anyone wanting to make a donation to the family can do so at the Harrison School District 2 Federal Credit Union located at 1060 Harrison Rd. The account is under the White Family Memorial Fund.

No word yet on a memorial fund for the Carabajal family.

Dew says that he and a nurse, who also happened to be in the area, began chest compressions on the child until emergency crews arrived.  He said that he and the nurse tried to find a pulse on the 17 year old but were unable to.

Carabajal was pronounced dead at the scene and White was taken to a hospital where he later died. Police haven't revealed if the victims are related.

Police said the third person pushing the van and two children inside were taken to a hospital with moderate injuries.  A woman driving the van was not hurt.

"I heard her yelling and cursing and crying and screaming over the child," Dew said of the van driver.  "So that's what made me believe it's kind of a family thing."

Pikes Peak at Parkside was closed for much of the evening as the police Major Accident Unit investigated the crash.

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