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Couple moves into rebuilt Black Forest home

Couple moves into newly-rebuilt Black Forest home

BLACK FOREST, colo. - Less than one year after the most destructive wildfire in Colorado, Black Forest is beginning to look like home again for many families.

There have been 142 new-home building permits issued, and of those, 16 homes are move-in ready.

Pat and Stafford Brochu lost their home in the fire last June. They moved into their newly-rebuilt home last week.

"By golly, here we are, eight months later, and we got our house back again," Stafford Brochu said.

It took months of struggle and hard work for the Brochus to get to this point. They lived in their motor home for months, and when it got too cold, they spent the nights at a motel. And with help of friends and volunteers, they cleaned out the rubble left behind by the fire.

The Brochus said it was all worth it.

"We went from a total loss to a new home," Stafford Brochu said.

The new house has the same setup and features as the old house. They even store their things in the same drawers they once did. The Brochus still have a lot of work ahead of them. But they hope their progress gives their neighbors hope.

"Go for it," Brochu said. "You can win this thing."

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