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Creeper shocks two teen girls

Flasher exposes himself

Teens flashed by man at Walmart

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Two teen girls with a shock of their lives last Wednesday.  The pair was going shopping the day before Valentine's Day.  It was early morning between 1-2 a.m outside the Walmart off East Woodmen. 

One of the girls who I'll call Catherine told me, that she and her friend were in separate cars and parked in the Walmart parking lot.  She says she and her friend saw a man in a car.  This guy was driving closer to them as they were walking into the store.  Catherine told me that he was wearing a blue bandana over his face like a bank robber and goggles over his eyes.  The pair ran in and says they told the checker about the man.

After their shopping, Catherine says they went out to their cars and the man was parked next to them.  What he said and did next to them was chilling, "The guy says Happy Valentine's Day ladies, opens up his side door and he wasn't wearing any pants and underwear."  Catherine and her friend were in shock and drove off as fast as they could, "It really upset us because we had no control over seeing what we saw and there was that fear if what if he tries to do something."

Catherine says the man is Hispanic, but had his blue bandana and goggles off when he exposed himself to them.  He is 250 pounds.  The suspect is believe to have been driving a blue, four door sedan. Catherine thinks it could be a vehicle built in the early 2000's. 

If you have any information, call Colorado Springs Police at 444-7000.

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