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Crews rescue man from flash flood in Fountain

Crews rescue man from flash flood in Fountain

FOUNTAIN, Colo. - Peaceful Valley Road was anything but peaceful Wednesday night in Fountain after a flash flood hit it. Emergency crews saved a man in his vehicle after he was stuck in rushing water.

Jimmy Camp Creek overflowed on the road at about 8 p.m.

Police said the road had orange barriers to show there was flooding on Peaceful Valley.

When the flow was at its lowest, vehicles started driving through it, but when the water started to get higher a truck stalled and was stuck in the rushing water.

Fountain police said emergency crews were sent out to save the man who was stuck in the truck.

Police said the possible cause of the driver getting stuck was impatient driving, a man trying to get home despite the floodwater being deep.

Jim Towne was driving and stopped before reaching Jimmy Camp Creek. He said after seeing a truck stall in the flood, he decided to be patient.

"I've been waiting after seeing him get stuck you don't need to rush it," he said.

Cleanup crews were back out Thursday morning to clean the road and make it safe to drive on.

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