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Crime in Colorado: Spike in the number of rapes

Crime in Colorado: Spike in the number of rapes

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Startling numbers for crime in Colorado last year. The category which experienced a 40 percent spike in numbers was rape.  The report is the first of its kind since the Department of Justice expanded its definition of rape in 2012.

Until 2012, the organization defined rape as, "The carnal knowledge of a female forcible and against her will."

Erica Laue,  clinical social worker with TESSA, said the new and broader definition is a step in the right direction.

"We have known for a long time that rape takes a myriad of forms, and that it's a crime of power and control and that the old definition has left out a lot of victims," said Laue.

Laue also stated that by including both genders and sexual assault with an object, more people are coming forward and talking about what happened to them.

In 2012 there were no rapes documented in Pueblo County, but in 2013 there were six rapes. El Paso County also experienced an increase in crime incidents. In 2012 there were 66 rapes and last year 91 rapes.

So what is to blame for the high numbers of rape in Colorado Springs? Laue suggested college students, transient members of the community and the close proximity to sex trafficking on I-25.

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