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Crooks trying to grab your utility money

Target 13: Stay scam free

FOUNTAIN, Colo - Fountain Utilities is sounding the scam alert.   Someone called one of its customers saying the utility bill was overdue, needed to take care of it immediately and pestered the customer for personal information like their credit card or check specifics.  The customer refused and called the real Utilities. 

Curtis Mitchell is the Customer Service Manager with Fountain Utilities.  He told me, "I'm very concerned for our customers.  We don't want to be misrepresented but we also don't want our customers information, compromised."  Fountain Utilities doesn't accept credit car or check information over the phone.  Fountain has also gone so far to protect your information by not accepting credit card payments at the cashier windows.  You have to go to their website at www.fountaincolorado.org to pay your bill with a credit card.  Utilities also has a kiosk in the lobby to get to that website.  

The scammer who was pretending to be with Fountain Utilities was using an Arizona area code.  Fountain Police are investigating.

Colorado Springs Utilities also had someone pretending to work with them, too.  A restaurant owner was the target.  He said the scammer called and threatened him about ten times on the phone saying his bill was overdue.  The crook said he'd go to the disconnect department and have them stop the restaurant's utilities if he didn't pay up.   The scammer used an Oregon area code and said he was Anthony Mendez.  Springs Utilities doesn't call its customers or have a disconnect department.  

Call Police if you know about either of these cases or call Fountain or Springs Utilities if you've been the target of this kind of scam.  

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