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Crowds honor local fire crew

Crowds honor local fire crew

SECURITY, Colo. - Crowds should up in droves Thursday for Security Fire Department's annual pancake breakfast.

The fire department has hosted the event for more than 40 years. This year, attendees in line said they wanted to show their appreciation for firefighters' work in recent wildfires.

 Security Fire Department's firefighters jumped into action when the Black Forest Fire exploded. Many firefighters worked their regular 24-hour shift and then headed straight to the wildfire for 16 more hours on its front lines.

"We love our firefighters.  We love to support them and do everything we can for them because they save so much of our life," said Theresa Wolf.

Wolf lived in Black Forest for 30 years before moving to a home in Security.

A five-person crew from the fire department is credited with saving Black Forest's School in the Woods.

"When we knew that our security firefighters saved our School in the Woods, that made our heart grow bigger because we love Black Forest and we love our firefighters," said Wolf.

"I was really proud when they announced on the TV that it was the Security Fire Department that helped save that little school. We both work for the school district so that kind of touched our heart that our little community were a part of that event up there," said breakfast attendee Beth Pershing.

Michael Palmer is an engineer operator for Security Fire Department. He was one of five firefighters who helped save the school.

"We just took care of it," said Palmer.

The trees around the school burned but Palmer and his team kept the school from harm.

"It's a structure, it needed to be protected and that's what we were there for. I know it's important to the community.  We have to keep it safe," said Palmer.

Crowds showed up in droves to show their support for the fire crews. Attendees wore firefighter T-shirts. The proceeds from the breakfast help the fire department fund its volunteer program and buy new equipment.

"It's nice to see the community, they really support us here. If we need something they come and take care of us," said Palmer. "They can see the people who are there for them and we can see the people who we're taking care of."

 Ken Gianino retired from the Security Fire Department. However, when Black Forest Fire erupted, he grabbed his gear and join his son to fight the blaze.

"I don't think you ever really retire but if they ask for help, we go give it for them," said Gianino.

His son, Jesse, said Security Fire Department didn't think twice before jumping in to help with the fire.

"When losses go out like this, not only to the community, but you feel for the fire department in terms if their loss in their community so that's why we help each other out," said Jesse.


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