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CSPD attempts to verify homeless sex offenders' locations

Tracking Homeless Sex Offenders

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs police said they do more than state law requires them to do when tracking homeless sex offenders.

According to state law, if a sex offender registers as homeless, law enforcement isn't required to verify that. But in Colorado Springs, police do.

"We do due diligence here," Sgt. Steve Noblitt said. "And we do follow up with them, and we'll continue to hold these folks accountable to the law."

There are about 1,200 sex offenders living in the Colorado Springs area. Of those, 64 are homeless. Under the law, they don't have to register with a home address. They can list a general location like a street intersection or park. CSPD attempts to verify that location, but it's not easy.

"Unfortunately a lot of times, when we do make those attempts, the person's not there," Sgt. Noblitt said.

One way police hold offenders accountable is by making them check in at the Police Operations Center more often than if they had an address. For example, if a sex offender's crime requires him to check in once a year, if he's homeless, he might have to check in once every three months.

Noblitt said thanks to their verification practice, they've been able to find five homeless sex offenders this year who weren't checking in.

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