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CSPD Officers Recognized, Awarded Medals of Valor

CSPD Officers Recognized, Awarded Medals of Valor

According to Colorado Springs Police Department, the medal of valor is awarded for "extraordinary heroism at imminent risk of serious bodily injury, the recipient demonstrating courage through voluntary actions in an extremely dangerous situation."

At the 27th Annual Medal of Valor Luncheon, 16 CSPD officers were awarded the medal of valor.

Sgt. David Gilman and officers Matthew Davis, Richard Hallman, Dale Peterson and Geraldine Pring were awarded the medal of valor after an incident in the summer of 2011. 

On July 27, 2011 a suspect involved in a domestic violence incident pointed a gun at CSPD officers.  The suspect was shot.  CSPD said the officers awarded the medals of valor for this incident are being "recognized for their professionalism and courage when faced with an imminent threat as well as for taking appropriate action to contain the situation."

Officers Mark Keller, Chris Mace, Carlos Sandoval, Marcus Van Ooyen, Robert Wolf, Jim Carson, Dale Lucky, Jason Ragland, Joe Richardson, Paul Vandel and Juergen Parks were awarded the medal of valor for their efforts in an incident that happened in February involving an armed man who had entered a local clinic and was holding hostages and threatening to kill people before killing himself. 

Sergeants Angelo Butierres and Roger Vargason and Officer Brian Kelly were also awarded Distinguished Service Awards for their participation in this incident.

Officer Kyle Vanderlinden was also awarded the distinguished service award for his response to a situation on July 20th, 2011, during which he pursued a suspect who was seen shooting a handgun at two separate homes.  After the suspect took off on foot, Vanderlinden was able to catch him and with the use of a Taser and take the suspect into custody.

"Each day a police officer reports to work, they do not know what is in store.  They may be called to the scene of a traffic accident, a domestic dispute, a suicidal party, a hostage situation, or many other dangerous situations.  Each day could be the day they are called upon to act in an extraordinary manner.  Training, education, mental preparedness, and physical preparation makes them ready when crisis strikes.  Today brings us together to celebrate their service," said Police Chief Peter Carey.

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