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CSPD patrol cars sporting three different looks

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The Colorado Springs Police Department is continuing its transition to a black and white color scheme for its patrol cars, but some cruisers are still sporting the old look.

The department says that based on current replacement criteria, it will take eight to ten years for C.S.P.D.'s entire patrol fleet to be uniformly black and white.

With the recent purchase of patrol cars as budgeted for 2014, the department has 28 black Dodge Chargers with white decals, 24 white cars with black decals and 175 white cars with the old style blue decals. Vehicles with the old look are not being updated because it would be too expensive and take too much time.

The police department says it believes the new look will make it easier for people to identify its patrol cruisers.

The Colorado Springs Police Department maintains a fleet of 645 vehicles. That fleet includes 43 specialized items such as mobile generators, trailers, forklifts and tractors. It has 602 automotive units, including 227 patrol cruisers.

C.S.P.D. replaces patrol cruisers when they reach four years of service and 90,000 miles. All other department vehicles are rotated when they are in service for eight years and have at least 80,000 miles. Motorcycles are replaced every five years.

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