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CSU losing 8-10 million gallons of water every day

Flood damage repairs top priority

CSU losing 8-10 million gallons of water every day

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Because of the flooding Colorado Springs is now losing eight to 10 million gallons of water a day.

That's water we use for drinking, for bathing, and for about everything else. So city utility workers are making flood damage repairs their top priority.

"The devastation was pretty enormous," said resident Lily Frasch.

You can imagine damage to the city's water system is enormous, too: from washed away roads to exposed pipes.

"It's pretty unnerving," said runner Sam Jurekovic.

Colorado Springs Utilities has its hands full.

"Cheyenne Creek, Bear Creek, Fountain Creek, some of those intakes have sustained significant damage," said Colorado Springs Utilities Gary Bostrom.

That damage means less water the city can store.

"We're unable to use those intakes until we're able to repair those structures," said Bostrom.

It's water we need every day. North Cheyenne Creek near Seven Falls has so much damage it's been forced to close.

"It is sad to have it blocked off, but it's really not safe," said hiker Becky Garnhart.

That's why CSU is making flood repairs its number one job.

"Everybody needs water. So hopefully they can get it done quickly," said Jurekovic.

Residents want the city to get it done quickly so places like seven falls can reopen.

"It's very important for the people that live here. It's important for tourism," said Garnhart.

"I hope we can get it back to the way it was," said Frasch.

Bostrom said fixing the problems now will help with storage next year.

CSU said those repairs are vital because we don't know how the snowpack will be this winter. Flood repairs could take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

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