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CSU project will impact commuters along Fillmore

CSU project will impact commuters along Fillmore

Colorado Springs Utilities is beginning its newest project along Fillmore Street in Colorado Springs.  The project includes the installation of a pipeline that will channel water from Pike View Reservoir to the Mesa Water Treatment Plant.

According to CSU spokesperson Steve Berry, this project will supply an additional eight million gallons of water each day to customers.

"That's a huge benefit to our community, not just right now but in the future should we go into another drought cycle, which we most certainly will," said Berry.

Berry said this project is intended to maximize water rights on Monument Creek, which supplies water to the Pike View Reservoir.  He explained this will help reduce stress on water supplies during droughts. 

Many areas in Colorado remain under drought conditions, despite recent rain and flooding.

"With the rain while it helped locally, it did not address our high mountain reservoirs where we get most of our water from," said Berry.

This $8 million project will impact portions of Fillmore St. until November.  The following streets will also be impacted through next spring:

  • Chestnut Street from mid-October through December
  • Ellston Street from mid-November through December
  • Sinton Road from late December through January
  • Sutton Lane from late January through February
  • Interpark Drive from February through March

The project is expected to be completed by April 2014.


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